When it comes to a healthy diet or weight loss, you might have heard the word ‘detox’ thrown around every now and then. This trendy word does not just revolve around beauty circles! Short for detoxification, it refers to cleansing the body of chemicals and pollutants. You never really know from where these pollutants enter your body because you are bombarded with them daily. They are in the air, in your food, in the makeup you apply and several other things that your body touches.

For some people, the path to detoxification is quite a burden. After trying several techniques, they get tired and feel like a failure when their body shows no results. What’s the reason behind this? You are trying too hard when there’s already an easy way right in front of you: Green Smoothies.

Yes, green smoothies are the ideal detox treatment. The tangy taste of the vegetables and the sweetness of the fruits provide the perfect combination for a healthy meal, while detoxifying the body of any harmful chemicals.

How Green Smoothies Help with Detox

Green smoothies provide the body a balanced detox as compared to full meals. The raw vegetables provide high amounts of chlorophyll, as well as fiber, which keep us satiated. The chlorophyll in the veggies encourages our cells to function better, which helps release toxins that have remained dormant for years. They also help speed up our metabolism rate and clean the colon.

Tips for Detoxification

Green smoothies are all about maintaining the perfect ratio of base (water, milk, yoghurt) to vegetables to fruits. Each ingredient plays an important role in providing you with calcium, fiber and vitamins. Following are three tips that will help you with your detoxification:

1.     Vegetable to Fruit Ratio

There’s no hard and fast rule to it. However, if your stomach is sensitive, then it is better to start with 40% vegetables and 60% fruits. In the starting, you might feel a little discomfort as your body gets rid of all the toxins. However, after a few days, you will be back to normal. If you feel a little bit constipated, then reduce the vegetable ratio and add more fruits.

2.     Keep Track Of Your Veggies

Despite what you have heard about oxalates, in measured amounts, they can be good for your body. Vegetables with oxalic acid are the ones that help you lose weight. They prevent absorption in the body in small amounts and are excreted through urine. The trick is to find ones that are low in oxalates and keep rotating them with non-oxalates to get a balance smoothie. You can start with spinach, beets and rhubarb and work your way down to celery, broccoli and cucumber.

3.     Give It Two Months

Try limiting your smoothies to twice or thrice a week. Remember, a green smoothie is just like a meal, so if you consume too much alongside your daily meals, you will put on extra weight. Try making them as thick as you can so that you consume them slowly. Always drink it in the morning or at lunch time.

Though smoothies make for a great detoxification treatment, you also need to focus on your daily routine such as your diet and exercise. With a controlled diet and regular exercise, you will be able to maintain your weight even after your detoxification ends. The bottom line is, green smoothies speed up the detoxification process and also helps you to lose weight.