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Indulge in the sweet taste of red grapes, banana, blueberry and strawberry with our Grape Fresh. The smoothie offers a healthy punch without the guilt of consuming too many calories. Rich in antioxidants, the smoothie reduces pain and stress associated with various health problems. The drink is 100% gluten free and does not contain wheat or nuts.

Nutritional Value 100ml 

Energy kcal 57.8
Carbohydrates 14.3 g
Protein 0.8 g
Fat 0.2 g
Saturates 0.0 g
Sodium 0.00 g
Dietary Fibre 1.2 g


Health Benefits of the Ingredients in Grape Fresh

Grape Banana
The abrupt change in season can cause problems for people who have asthma. Grapes have a therapeutic effect, which can cure asthma and its high hydrating power increases moisture in the lungs. This helps lower the frequency of asthmatic events. Unripe bananas contain resistant starch and pectin, which control sugar level in the blood and reduces appetite. This keeps you satiated for a long time and stops you from consuming more food.
Relieves the system of uric acid, which reduces the pressure and stress on kidneys. Contains digestible carbs and a high mineral content, which reduces muscle cramps after vigorous exercising (and leg cramps at night.)
Increases nitric oxide in the blood. This helps lower the risk of heart attacks by preventing blood clots. Contains Vitamin B-6, which aids in weight loss, reduces swelling, improves insulin sensitivity, strengthens the nervous system and increases white blood cell production, which boosts the immune system.


Blueberry Strawberry
Known as the king of anti-oxidant in fruits,it prevents damage to the DNA and neutralizes the free radicals. This reduces the risk of cancer, improves brain function and improvesmemory. Contains magnesium, Vitamin K and potassium, which promotes bone health.
Rich in proanthocyanidins, which has anti-aging benefits that help soften dry skin. Contains anti-oxidants such as phenolic, flavonoids, ellagic acid and phytochemicals, which prevents dry eyes, macular degeneration and damage to the optical nerve. The ellagic acid also prevents sagging of the skin and preserves its elastic fibres.
Contains neuro-protective agents, which prevents oxidative stress and inflammation. This helps in preventing aging diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s. Lowers C-reactive protein (CRP) level in body, which prevents inflammation and reduces the risk of blood-clots and blockage.



Product Description

Try our Grape Fresh and benefit from an anti-oxidant rich and delicious smoothie that offers various health and skin benefits.

Escape into a ‘sweet’ world without any worry of calories because the Grape Freshpromises an anti-oxidant packed healthy punch of strawberry, banana, grape and blueberry.


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